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Getting rid of termites in a house or in a office building requires specialized professional skills. Knowledge and experience is needed to know where to look for the likeliest entry points. KK Termite uses specialized equipment that most people don't have. Any homeowner would need to employ a termite infestation control company at a certain point. The best time to start termite management is the soonest possible time such as when it is newly built or from the time people start occupying it through termite inspection. It would be appropriate to be done for once or twice a year. Determining if you need termite control services involves identifying the bugs in your home. If you see what appears to be swarming ants, you likely have termites.

In Orange County, termite control professionals encounter subterranean termites most often. These termites tend to swarm, or fly in groups, and look similar to flying ants when they do so. KK Termite provides pest control and termite treatment services for both residential and commercial buildings in Orange County and Los Angeles.

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